New York Nonprofit Hosts Book Signing With Author Anthony Pappas

Special Citizens Futures Unlimited will host a book-signing event with author Anthony Pappas on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, in New York – Midtown East, Manhattan.

Pappas published his first book titled “Gifts from the Autistic Community: A Guide to Giving and Receiving” in October 2016. His book gives a genuine and authentic view on what it is like to work with individuals with Autism and developmental disabilities. It provides insight through the lens of the worker, the parents, and the individuals being supported.

I hope that I can continue to raise awareness about Autism and I really want to give power and a voice to the Autistic population.

Anthony Pappas, Author

Pappas reflects on the process of writing and completing his book. “It has been an absolute pleasure to publish it and to go through this whole process.” He added, “It was the best feeling in the world. I am so glad that my hard work could be recognized, and I knew that a lot of people would want to read this.”

He is excited about the positive response his book has received. “I have received great feedback from everyone who has read it and a lot of people have finished reading it and passed it along to someone else.”

Pappas describes his motivation behind writing this book. “I hope that I can continue to raise awareness about Autism and I really want to give power and a voice to the Autistic population.”

He also wants to spread a message to anyone who may know little or nothing about Autism.  “For someone who knows nothing about Autism, I think it gives a very unbiased, non-judgmental account of what it is like to know someone with Autism; and a perspective of what one with Autism thinks and feels.” He added, “I think this a good message for families with Autistic people. Yes, there are lot similarities with the disability but each person is unique and has something to offer.”

Pappas a native of Armonk, New York began working for Special Citizens Futures Unlimited in late December 2009. He is excited about working with Special Citizens for this book-signing event. “It has really been a pleasure to have the support from Special Citizens throughout this whole process.” He added, “There is a community within Special Citizens and just to have that support and to be able to give back is really good for me and everyone involved.”

The book-signing event with Anthony Pappas will take place on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. The location of this event is 352 East 55th Street, Manhattan, New York. There are three opportunities to meet Anthony Pappas (12:00PM-1:00PM; 3:00PM-4:00PM; 6:30-8:00PM).

To purchase tickets please visit Everyone who purchases a ticket online will receive a copy of the book at the event. For more information about Special Citizens, please visit

Source: Special Citizens Futures Unlimited, Inc.



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