People With Disabilities Get Direct Access Through New Application

New features released with the TOUCH (Therapeutic Outreach Uniting Community Health) application that creates direct access for people with developmental disabilities, their families and the professional provider community.

​​The TOUCH or Therapeutic Outreach Uniting Community Health application was launched in April 2015. Senior TOUCH Developer Gerry Libertelli, received help from an unexpected source. This help came from Adam Lieberman, an adult diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. 

On March 26, Lieberman was apart of a “Beta” test group who came in to test the TOUCH website and give their feedback. According to Libertelli, “I started to get testing results from Adam. What impressed me about his work was that it was very detailed oriented”. Libertelli described Adam’s test results as “better than professional testers”. Lieberman, a Queens College graduate in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science is very familiar with computer programming and building websites. 

Adam was able to find errors on the new user sign-up form. “You never want to give up a user on the Internet. It is very valuable to have a user come to your site and sign up,” says Libertelli. “The net result of Adam’s testing was that we were able to launch with a solid sign-up system,” he added.  When asked if he would like to continue working with Adam in the future, Libertelli emphatically said “yes”, adding “I absolutely think Adam could work in this business, I see no difference in what Adam did for me in an email, than what a professional tester does”.

When asked about his experience working with the “Beta group” Lieberman stated, “It is an honor to be an individual receiving services from TOUCH, and selected to help test the site”. Libertelli discussed the feedback he has received from people using the site since its initial launch. “We have had great feedback from the providers, family members, and all of the users have been so complimentary. They cannot believe, there is finally a resource that links these resources directly to the person”. 

TOUCH has been working diligently since the Spring, to create the improvements its users have requested. Not only can you find a provider close to where you live, you can now post events, find events, share events and even work directly with your Job Coach to find the most appropriate job for you.

TOUCH understands you have a lot going on so they wanted to streamline the manner in which providers are publicizing your events and how people access information to your events, all for free. The Events Calendar offered through TOUCH allows providers and professionals to post their upcoming events and it allows people, families, professionals and advocates to find out about your events and save them in their event carts! This is a great way to share information about your upcoming events to get as many people involved as possible.

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